The Future of Self-Storage

Every unit at Ultra Self-Storage utilizes SecurGuard's security technology that is on the forefront of innovation in the storage industry. 

For decades, storage facilities across the globe relied on basic exterior lock and key to protect their clients possessions, but we decided to take our security features to the next level. Our customers love the ease of use and peace of mind that the SecurGuard locks and our app provide them. 

Peace of Mind

Internal Lock

Other storage facilities have their latches and locks on the outside of their doors; this leaves the opportunity for some one to damage or remove the hardware to access the unit and the property inside. Our doors have no latches or exterior locks, so the only way to unlock any unit is through our app.


Each unit is equipped with a thermal and motion detector that will alert the unit own of any unauthorized activity.

Ease of Use

Your Phone is Your Key

Our customers never have to worry about losing the key to their storage unit or forgetting a pin number to access the facility. The main doors and each unit is controlled via the tenant smart phone app. Once a tenant rents a unit on our website, they are sent a download link to our app with activation instructions. After signing into the app, tenants are free to access the facility and their unit 24/7.

The app also allows tenants to share either temporary or permanent access to another user if needed, which eliminates the hassle of exchanging keys between users.
Mobile app screenshot